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Preventative Maintaince

A regular health check up and periodical maintenance is offered to keep the vehicle trouble free. We can assure you 98%, your car will not get stranded on the road side for want of service. It also helps you to –

1. Reduce your maintenance cost
2. To avoid embarrassment at roadside
3. To avoid towing the car &
4. A peace of mind


1. General check up in every 3 months
2. correcting the error codes, if any
3. Lube & filter change
4. brake pad cleaning
5. check head light & bulbs
6. tyre rotation & wheel alignment
7. Battery life analysis
8. HVAC check up & AC top up
9. Puncture repair & solution
10 Inspects smoke emission



1. Check Engine oil Replacement
Check oil filter
Check fuel filter
Check air filter
2. Check clutch & Top up fluid
Check gear oil
Check steering component & rack gaiters
Check power steering fluid
Check brake  and brake fluid
Check brake pad /shoe
3. Check ABS and hydraulic system
Check shock absorbers and spring coils
Check hand brake and operations
4. Check battery Battery life analysis
Check vehicle service light / resent Scanner
5 Check / replace pollen / cabin filter
Check cooling system & top up Anti freeze
Check head lights & bulbs
Check horn
6 Check wheel bearing
Check wheel alignment & balancing Done  out sourced, if not available
7 Inspect smoke emission  / PUC
8 Check fuel lines / pipes
Check exhaust sytem
Check timing / cam belt
Check bonnet catch & door hinges
Check Number plate & MOT status