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Carspa Information


  1. Advanced technology for a trouble free maintenance

Your car can be checked & serviced online / remotely. Online technical support & guidance from experts.

  1. Gentle way of grooming your car –

No harsh chemical used that make harm to you or leave any chemical residue in   car.  Products used from Sealed air,  Bluechem  &  Prowax USA.

  1. Preventive Maintenance

Need to spend small trickling money on preventive maintenance to make your car trendy & trouble free to save you from big embarrassment on road.

  1. Scratch free dent free cars from World leaders

This facility has not started, but shortly introduced.Paint less dent removal – Ding king, USA ,Surface refinishing from PPG Asian Paints

  1. Remain connected with your car

Your car will be connected to you always on your mobile or your phone screen become your car’s dash board

Advantage Car Spa

  • We have the widest range of car grooming services under one roof. We specialize in car grooming Services that enhance the surface of the exterior as well as its interiors.
  • Our solutions for interiors and the seating promises a glossy and rich finishing to the car.
  • The tyre and battery clinic ensures a smooth drive with the services par excellence.
  • The pit stop services give a 100% accurate analysis of the car that includes attention to detail to all the car parts.
  • The pointless dent removal technique makes your car look fresh out of the showroom and this method ensures that dents can be removed without affecting the original paint layer.
  • Don’t forget to check out branded accessories in our store that houses some of the best car fragrances and accessories to compliment your car.
  • The Pit Stop is another one of our special features supported by Castrol to improve your performance through regular maintenance. You can also get a computerized diagnosis of your car engine, using the latest Test Technology. This helps to detect problems and its source accurately. Your safety is important to us too. Our goal is to provide exceptional services at an affordable price for every car owner

Ben-fits of Car Spa

  • At The Car Spa, we redefine car care by giving your car a whole new look and shine much more advanced from the routine car wash and car grooming.
  • We give you a license to dirty your car by providing a complete car grooming service right at your doorstep.
  • We also offer 365 days hassle free periodic maintenance at your in a convenient manner without affecting the OEM warranty.
  • We also assist you in replacements under warranty for your tires, battery and windshield.
  • We also help you to settle all body shop repairs under insurance cover and assure you that we will not go against your OEM warranty.
  • The products available at Car Spa are approved by various car manufacturers in India and internationally as well.
  • With over 15 years of experience, we have contributed towards being eco friendly and promoting a greener environment by water less wash, using bio degradable products, nitrogen fill, regular pollution checks, decarbonise the car periodically and being audited regularly by the State Pollution Control Board.