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Carspa Focus and Mission


1, Technological Edge – That is the car spa promise. Our customers will always be a step ahead to access advance technology in car care, particularly in terms of product & service for a complete car care & body shop work.

2 Green environment – That’s another commitment from the car spa, to protect our green environment. It is water less wash in place of water wash, Nitrogen in place of tyre inflator, recommended lube for optimum performance and zero emission, PUC check etc are doing in this direction. We use strictly adhere to use bio degradable products for car grooming, even if it makes wonders otherwise. The replaced products used for preventive maintenance and its disposals are done under the strict norms of state pollution control board.

3. Nothing kept for tomorrow – Give the attention your vehicle it deserves, even if it is a mall thing, et us do timely. The car spa plays a role in reminding you and helps to complete this task.

4. Training institute for the car spa employees & associates – Already initiated at Bangalore. This will provide a professional approach right from car wash to preventive maintenance.


Once in a while pampering ones car is a story of past. This one time cleaning or protection treatment is of no use unless it is supported with a follow up actions. Who will do this & how long one may able to follow it up ?

There comes the relevance of the car spa, whose services are tailored to deliver a clean, hygiene and shining car throughout the year without spending much along with proper periodical maintenance from experts to keep the vehicle trendy & problem free.

Our services are basically designed to serve the working class and all those who feel their vehicle is an extension of their personality. We understand your constraints to maintain your vehicle the way you want, and we know many of you are compromising a lot due to paucity of time & energy. Till yesterday, the following genuine requirements, may seems to be a wish list, but now it is all possible with the car spa.

1. My car get serviced on line
2. Make me feel, I drive a fresh car every day
3. I always want a spot free clean interior in my car
4. No fear of scratches especially from my kind of driving
5. I never want my car get stranded on roadside
6 I hate tow away my car, as if someone pulls me from collar