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Car Grooming

Water less wash  –  It is done with a polymer based product to make a scratch free, smooth, clean and shine surface. It is a simple process, the dust & dirt on the surface will get granulated with one spray of the product, then wipe it off with micro fiber cloth to clean the surface. Do buffing or wiping with another fresh micro fiber towel to produce a shining surface. Our one time water less wash lasts  3 to 4 days in normal conditions.

Our basic monthly package of water less wash cover the following service to present you a wholesome clean car and protect the rubber & PVC parts of exterior panel from damage / forming patches.


Steam wash is used to clean the bikes and certain parts of cars like front grill, wheel and wheel arches, running board and to clean interiors of the car.


  1. Interior cleaning
  2. Leather cleaning & conditioning
  3. Polishes & Paint protection
  4. Anti corrosion treatment & cavity wax
  5. Aquapel windshield treatment
  6. Mag wheel polish
  7. Engine Lacquer
  8. AC Neutralizer
  9. Ozone treatment
  10. Anti bacteria treatment