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Battery and Tyre

Battery Services

A fully integrated technology gives the most accurate battery reading that gives an insight on the battery usage and its durability. We also have solutions to make the best of the battery. The battery determines the overall performance of your car.

Detecting problems early on can improve the life span and the performance by around 150% of your car battery. And in turn, decreases the strain on your engine  which leads to lesser fuel consumption.

We first identify the various problems and the factors that are causing it, and then repair the existing problems and take measures to prevent the ones that might occur eventually. If the problem is irreparable, we replace your car battery with a new one.

Tyre Clinic

The full-fledged tyre clinic at Car Spa offers all the wheel related services that include wheel alignment, rotation and balancing.

We also offer air pressure and puncture solutions for you to have a hassle-free drive in your own car.

Car tyres undergo continuous deterioration as they are subjected to stress on roads. It is necessary to periodically check the tyres as they could hamper the proper working of your car engine.

Wheel alignment, balancing and rotation – Wheel alignment means to adjust the angles of the tyres so that all four tyres are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. Unbalanced wheels can cause vibration, making your driving experience quite uncomfortable. Correct alignment and rotation of your car tyres is important to prevent uneven wear and tear of tyres, as well as excessive stress on the engine. It helps the engine function efficiently and improves mileage. Proper alignment and balancing the tyres also helps with vehicle control and ensures that you get a safer, more enjoyable drive.

Tyre pressure – Checking tyre pressure routinely is important, as maintaining proper air pressure can help extend the life of your car tyres. Correct tyre pressure will decrease fuel consumption and gives you more mileage. It also helps to maintain better vehicle control and guarantees you get an effortlessly smooth drive.

Puncture solution – Your car tyres are filled with a revolutionary product that seals the punctured spot on immediate contact with air. It makes your tyre virtually puncture resistant.